[Beowulf] A bit OT - scientific workstations - recommendations

Justin Moore justin at cs.duke.edu
Fri Mar 10 12:56:17 PST 2006

> I have heard stories about some of the first vacuum tube computers where a
> a full time technician walked around inside the computer
> and replaced blown out tubes - between every program run. I tend to
> think this has a certain myth aspect to this story, but like all myths it
> probably has some truth to it.

   Also somewhat OT, I highly recommend the audio and slides for George
Dyson's talk exploring the history of what would become the computer
science department at Princeton, mainly focused on Von Neumann:


the slides are large (114 MB) and he flips through them pretty quickly,
but gives some very interesting insights into one of the birthplaces of
modern computing.


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