[Beowulf] Re: multiport RS232 to ethernet (or USB)

Julien.Leduc at lri.fr Julien.Leduc at lri.fr
Fri Apr 7 01:02:51 PDT 2006

> However, I did just try it with a cheap USB/RS232 adapter, and I can
> toggle
> RTS just fine from a program talking to a Windows COM port.  And, they
> "claim" that they have a Linux driver when I get to that step.  I'm sure
> it's the same FTDI USB/Serial chip that everyone uses.

I played with a USB<->8 x RS232 ports, it uses ftdi Linux driver, and
using null modem cables between this box and the cluster's nodes, along
with kermit, it is very efficient and robust (because very simple).

The main problem is the strange escape sequence you have to type to close
acces to the console redirection (leaving kermit is not as simple as
leaving telnet).

Julien Leduc

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