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Since I mentioned earlier that we didn't have enough time to get vDSP  
up for ppc64, I thought I would in addition suggest one way that you  
can do something about it.

Apple is hiring.

If you're good, really good, you might be the one to help us make  
sure that key features like these get delivered to the right people  
when they should!



Apple job #: 2238839 -- for individuals with great programming  
techniques and performance minded mindset

High performance and Numerics engineer position for Mac OS X math  
library development.

The ideal candidate would poses excellent understanding and working  
knowledge of the Numerics Standard, processor specific hand tuning of  
BLAS and LAPACK along with processor architecture background.

Typical Responsibilities Include

 o Design and implement specific numerics routines for a scalar and  
a vector processor,
 o Be Familiar with ATLAS BLAS and its generation of high  
performance computational kernels,
 o Hand tune BLAS and LAPACK routines for specific processors,
 o Write and port processor specific FPU and vector validation and  
verification suites,
 o Help in resolving compiler performance bottlenecks with concrete  
 o Vectorize the compute intensive parts of Mac OS X and its  
embedded technologies.

Skills, Education and Experience Required

 o Performance programming experience,
 o knowledge of HPC, ATLAS BLAS and LAPACK
 o Detailed knowledge of the IEEE-754 Numerics Standard,
 o Solid C and assembly programming skills,
 o Working grasp of ISO C99 Numerics requirement,
 o PhD in Computer science or equivalent experience,
 o Highly professional, with the ability to deliver solid work on  
tight schedules,
 o Demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities,
 o A track record of shipping products.


 IEEE-754 Numerics, C99, Vector Architecture, FPU, Unix, Assembly  

 Apple is recommitted to its original mission  - better computers  
that make a difference.
 Come join us to think different, have fun, and be part of the  


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