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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
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On Thu, 13 May 2004 cresio at dcc.fesurv.br wrote:

> Hello,
>     Where I can do download of the beowulf? What is the URL?
>     Thanks!

There is no single "beowulf" to download.  A beowulf is a particular
style of cluster computer used for High Performance Computing (HPC) --
numerical computations in parallel, basically.

You can read about beowulfs in an online book and other online resources


(look under the Resources link).  There are lots of links under the
Links link to other major beowulf/cluster computing sites and resources.

You can build a beowulf or GRID or general purpose parallel compute
cluster on top of any Linux distribution.  There are also several
"special" distributions and software collections (such as free OSCAR and
commercial Scyld) that more directly support the construction of a
beowulf-style cluster but that often lag the primary distributions
significantly in how up to date they are (which may or may not matter to

So, you're homework assignment is:  Read stuff you find here and on
related links and come back to ask a more focussed question next week,
if the online material doesn't answer all your questions.


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