Dual channel DDR and the E7500 chipset

Jeff Nguyen jeff at aslab.com
Thu Sep 12 16:45:44 PDT 2002

> > Thanks for this reply!  We're also trying to manage this upgrade on a
> > budget, and would like to use our old ATX cases if possible.  The dual
> current e7500 boards all seem to be the 12x13" EATX format;
> offhand, I'd guess they'd fit in normal ATX full towers,
> and perhaps in some minitowers.  I have no idea whether you'd
> have trouble with the mounting holes, or the IO shield.
> the power supply doesn't seem to be a big deal, though, since 
> you can get aftermarket ATX PS's that support Intel's and/or 
> AMD's extended power cables.

Most if not all of the E7500 boards switch the location of the processor
and memory slots. Since the CPU sockets are now beneath the internal 
drive cages, there might be clearance problem with the big heatsinks.
This problem is common with the ATX medium tower chassis. 


ASL Inc.

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