Dual channel DDR and the E7500 chipset

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Sep 12 15:20:17 PDT 2002

> Thanks for this reply!  We're also trying to manage this upgrade on a
> budget, and would like to use our old ATX cases if possible.  The dual

current e7500 boards all seem to be the 12x13" EATX format;
offhand, I'd guess they'd fit in normal ATX full towers,
and perhaps in some minitowers.  I have no idea whether you'd
have trouble with the mounting holes, or the IO shield.
the power supply doesn't seem to be a big deal, though, since 
you can get aftermarket ATX PS's that support Intel's and/or 
AMD's extended power cables.

but I think you should seriously consider waiting for "granite bay"
boards (e7205) which are rumored to be released real soon now.  they 
seem to be targetted at the workstation market - uniprocessor but with
double-wide PC2100.  I'm guessing that at least some will be normal ATX-sized.

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