MPI over ATM help or how-to?

Lechner, David Lechner at
Fri Mar 29 06:13:19 PST 2002

Hi and thanks in advance for reading or helping - 
I am trying to do a comparison for customers that use ATM now - our goal is
to demonstrate the performance improvement in running native and optimized
FE communications vs. ATM (the cost savings is obvious) - 
We are running into a lot of debug issues in getting any of our standard MPI
programs running over ATM vs. FE - Does anyone have a copy or pointer to a
howto that goes through the changes necessary in a more deliberate manner
(vs. just trial and debug we are in now) to create and link a set of SW
using ATM networking vs. IP/sockets or setting-up MPI to run over ATM vs.
FE?  Or is the emulation mode (over top of IP) as good as we can get or all
that was ever created?

Thanks again / 
David Lechner

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