console redirect issue

Abhishek sinha aby_sinha at
Wed Mar 27 14:17:04 PST 2002

hi list

This might be just out of the topic, but i couldnt find help anywhere. I 
am using serial console redirect on the 2505 t Tyan board. now i am 
getting strange things that i have never seen before. When i connect the 
machines with the null modem cable , the machine (where the console 
redirect is enabled ) goes into the BIOS. If u save and exit again it 
goes into the BIOS without doing anything. When u disconnect the cable 
then this does not happen . I tried using a cross over rj45 cable. With 
this i cannot see the POST messages and i can only see the messages when 
the kernel boots. Is this an issue with the BIOS or some one has been in 
wonderland and seen this issue .

Please advise

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