Cabinets for rackmount cases

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu Mar 14 14:07:13 PST 2002

> If you really want to see how hot a AMD processor gets see the following
> url:

I'm COMPLETELY speaking through my hat here, but according to the specs,
AMD is not as egregiously hot as people make them out to be.  here's 
a graph of the thermal design power specs for .18 uM Xeon and AthlonXP chips,
as well as the new .13 Xeons:

graph is rated GHz on x, TDP watts on y.  I'm hoping that "thoroughbred"
chips from AMD (recently confirmed for release this month) to show up
at under 50W for 2 GHz.

incidentally, dual prestonia 2.2's run real nice with HT in a compaq w8000 ;)

ps: yes, I'm showing AMD chips at their "rated GHZ", not true clock,
but I think that's fair.  I'm also not showing the true/max/worstcase
power dissipation that you'd get by adding up all the max V*I's.
it also seems clear that more vendors implement decent power-savings
modes on P4 systems than Athlon systems - in particular, I'm not sure 
anyone is shipping K7 systems that properly turn off their external bus PLL...

regards, mark hahn.

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