Cabinets for rackmount cases

Steve Gaudet SGaudet at
Thu Mar 14 13:16:11 PST 2002

Dear Hao,

> I am going to set up a cluster with rackmount cases.
> I found some web stores where we can get the cases and sliding rails,
> but I could not find the cabinets to contain the cases.
> Can anyone recommend some place where we can buy the cabinets 
> for rackmount systems?

Here's my .02 worth of advice.  First, check with the motherboard company
your looking to use for approved cases.  If the case your looking to use
isn't on their approved list ask the case company if they have a test
certification of approved motherboards.  If they haven't your own your own.

Keep in mind, you also want approved processor speed tests.  Can't stress
this enough with dual AMD solutions.  The higher the speed the hotter the
system.  I've found only a few case companies have actually done this work,
CiDesign and AIC to name a few.

If you really want to see how hot a AMD processor gets see the following



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