PCI-64: how to find

David Geldreich David.Geldreich at sophia.inria.fr
Mon Feb 25 07:47:46 PST 2002

    Hello Mikhail,

    I am currently evaluating an Intel Pro/1000 fiber in a PCI 64/66

    The information about PCI 64/66 is found in the driver info:

cat /proc/net/PRO_LAN_Adapters/eth0.info

Description               Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection
Part_Number               a38888-002
Driver_Name               e1000
Driver_Version            3.1.23
PCI_Vendor                0x8086
PCI_Device_ID             0x1001
PCI_Subsystem_Vendor      0x8086
PCI_Subsystem_ID          0x1003
PCI_Revision_ID           0x02
PCI_Bus                   0
PCI_Slot                  9
PCI_Bus_Type              PCI
PCI_Bus_Speed             66MHz
PCI_Bus_Width             64-bit             

     I have tested bandwidth with ttcp talking to 19 100Mb/s machine and
got 930 Mbit/s bandwidth in either direction.

     I am currently having problem with fullduplex; the driver and my
switch are telling fullduplex, but doing ttcp in both direction
simultaneously gives only 520Mbit/s in both direction (a total of
1040Mbit were I expect 1800Mbit).

     Is there (objective) comparison chart (bandwidth + latency) of
Gigabit ethernet vs Myrinet vs Dolphin ?

     Thanks in advance.

Mikhail Kuzminsky wrote:
>    Dear netters.
> I want to find some confirmation that my installed
> RH 7.2 "understand" that it works with PCI-64.
> (We are using some dual mobos from Tyan which supports
> 64-bit PCI slots). We have Intel Pro1000T NICs installed
> in PCI-64 slots, but I didn't find any information
> that Linux works in "PCI-64" mode.
> May be this information  must be presented somewhere
> (/proc/pci, /var/log/messages etc ) ?
> Thanks for help !
> Mikhail Kuzminsky
> Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
> Moscow
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