ethernet switch recommendation?

Felix Rauch rauch at
Thu May 31 10:35:31 PDT 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Jarrod Smith wrote:
> I've looked at the Cisco catalyst 2924XL, but at $1300, I'm not sure
> it's the most economical solution that will get me what I need,
> which is fairly basic I think.

I'm not very familiar with Cisco-Switches, but we once had to use a
Catalyst 2900 XL and it sucked. The performance was gone as soon as
more then 12 machines were communicating at full speed *Therefore we
could not use the switch to install all the nodes with our cloning
tool Dolly at reasonable speeds).

We didn't have these problems with ATI CentreCom 742i switches, but I
think they are in "desktop" cases.

There are some performance figures from our own tests comparing the
two switches:

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