ethernet switch recommendation?

Steve Gaudet sgaudet at
Thu May 31 10:00:43 PDT 2001

Hello Jarrod,

> I'm sorry to post such a question here, but I'm getting no advice (good
> or
> bad) from the folks around here :)
> I need a 24-port switch with a reasonable backplane fabric that is
> preferably rack-mountable.  I'm interested in getting two of them and
> trying
> to use channel bonding on a 17-node cluster.  We're using the
> supermicro
> 1610H, and it has dual Intel NICs onboard.
> I've looked at the Cisco catalyst 2924XL, but at $1300, I'm not sure
> it's
> the most economical solution that will get me what I need, which is
> fairly
> basic I think.
> I look forward to hearing some of your suggestions.

We've had good luck with Extreme Networks.


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