Scyld, local access to nodes, and master node as compute node

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Thu May 24 09:54:52 PDT 2001

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Brian C Merrell wrote:

> On Thu, 24 May 2001, Sean Dilda wrote:
> >
> > You do this through bpsh.  The slave nodes are to run compute jobs, not
> > interactive login sessions, so you really shouldn't need to run an
> > interactive shell on them.  If you need to do some admin work that
> > requires you to run stuff on the slave nodes, you can always bpsh all
> > the individual commands to the slave node.
> >
> Hmmm.  It's fairly important for them to be able to rlogin to each
> machine.  They really want to be able to get to each box and run programs
> a certain way.  Is it possible to set up a custom install on each machine
> that still has the beowulf modifications (and can join the cluster) yet is
> also an independent and full linux box?  Would I simply have to run
> bpslave on a node to bring it into the cluster?

Is there any reason the program itself can't run itself in the special
way they want?  Anything you can do with rlogin or rsh can be done with
bpsh, except for an interactive shell.  However, this can be mimiced
through bpsh.  If you can give me some idea of what they are wanting to
do, I might be able to help you find a way to do it without requiring an
interactive shell.  Scyld clusters are designed to run background jobs
on all of the slave nodes, not to run login services for users on the
slave nodes.

It is possible to use BProc with a full install on every slave node
however this reduces a lot of the easy administration features we've
trying to put into our distro.
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