64bit/66MHz PCI mobos (Intel STL2, Asus CUR-DLS)

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Thu May 24 08:46:16 PDT 2001

>>>>> "CB" == Chris Black <cblack at eragen.com> writes:

CB> Have you or anyone used the onboard IDE on these motherboards?

I have, on a SuperMicro 370DLE.  The IDE is OK, but not great.

XYX:lserv00:~> s hdparm -tT /dev/hda

 Timing buffer-cache reads:   128 MB in  0.74 seconds =172.97 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads:  64 MB in  2.83 seconds = 22.61 MB/sec

XYX:lserv00:~> cat /proc/ide/hda/model 

It's a mostly-meaningless benchmark, but I get 34MB/sec out of the same
disk hanging off of the Promise controller built into the Asus A7V133.  The
OSB4 really doesn't do IDE very well.  If you really need the disk
bandwidth but don't want to shell out for SCSI, consider getting a cheap
(<$40) PCI Promise IDE controller and hanging your disks there.

 - J<

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