64bit/66MHz PCI mobos (Intel STL2, Asus CUR-DLS)

Steve Gaudet sgaudet at angstrommicro.com
Wed May 23 07:18:11 PDT 2001

Hello Chris,

> We have been looking into motherboards that provide 64-bit 66MHz 
> PCI slots and haven't had much luck. We are now evaluating the 
> Intel Server Board STL2, but have had some problems with it in 
> terms of getting the IDE to work correctly with UltraDMA support.
> Can anyone share any experience with these boards in terms of 
> problems and what needs to be done to get them to work? It seems 
> they are a bit finicky in respect to the type of memory they want 
> as well.
> Has anyone found any motherboards that can reliably do 66MHz/64bit 
> PCI bus transfers? We are trying to maximize the performance of 
> our gigabit cards which do support 66MHz/64bit operation. We looked 
> at the ASUS CUR-DLS but it appears that although it has 64bit pci 
> slots, these run at 33MHz.

Try Supermicro, we built a cluster using the 6010H with the 370DER motherboard 
and Myrinet's PCI64 with great success.



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