What is the best C IDE on Linux?

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Fri May 11 23:48:51 PDT 2001

Greg Lindahl <lindahl at conservativecomputer.com> writes:
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 07:35:30AM -0400, Bob Drzyzgula wrote:
> > To a large
> > extent, this is because the basic editor is so fast, memory-effecient and
> > functional there is rarely the need, but it is also because vi integrates so
> > well with the underlying command line environment. Need to reflow a
> > paragraph to a max 65 columns? "!}fmt -65" will do it for you. Need to sort
> > the contents of your buffer? "1G!}sort". Need to insert the system date in
> > your file? ":r!date". The Unix command line is fantastically powerful; why
> > would anyone want to re-implement this functionality within the editor
> > itself?
> Speaking from the peanut gallery, I think we should impose a 1 beer
> penalty on any poster whose example of great functionality is
> trivially equaled by the other side.
> Bob, you owe me a beer. Meta-| cmd pipes the current selected region.

Right, but it puts it in a new buffer in a new window.  So vi's 
! } f m t RET, seven keypresses, becomes C-@ M-} M-| f m t RET C-x C-x
C-w C-x o C-@ M-< C-w C-x o C-y C-x 1, twenty-seven keypresses,
assuming you only had one window open beforehand.  (If you have more
windows open, you'll probably have to throw some extra "C-x o"
sequences in there.)  This is actually enough of a pain that people
don't use it --- not just for things like fmt, of which Emacs has an
inferior elisp version, but also for things like sort and bc, where
it's really useful.

There are times when the Emacs behavior really is what you want, but
usually I want the vi behavior.

This is one of a number of examples of how Emacs is better at being an
OS and vi is better at integrating into the existing OS.

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