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Cambridge Healthtech Institute?s
                                High Performance Computing
                     Strategic Applications for Genomics & Proteomics
                                  September 20-21, 2001
              Wyndham San Diego at Emerald Plaza Hotel  San Diego, California

 The success of the drug discovery process is now directly related to a company?s
computation capabilities. Results and research projects that were unimaginable a few years
ago are accessible with today?s super computers. Industry sources expects the IT life
science market to explode to more than $9 billion by 2003. Major IT companies have made
significant investments and formed partnerships, with IBM and Compaq each committing $100
million. Data overload from automation and robust database technology, means that
companies have an immense amount of data on both drug targets and lead compounds.  The
downside is that these companies are not equipped in infrastructure or organization to
efficiently take full advantage of this gold mine.  There is also the question of staff:
Do we have the right people?  How do we use our existing in-house bioinformatics team?
Should we outsource or build our own? What?s a fair contract for services, profit-sharing
and leasing? How many teraflops is enough? This meeting will seek to cover these issues
for biotech, pharma , software  and hardware engineers, application specialists and anyone
who envisions the marriage of supercomputers and the life sciences.

Other Topics to be Covered:
Compute Farms
Distributed Computing
Beowulf Architecture
Parallel Processing
Integrating Applications specific to Life Sciences
Data-compilation Automation
Achieving Better Performance with Database Work through Shared Memory Systems
Affordable Supercomputing: Supercomputers vs desktop compute farms
Novel Integrated Supercomputing Solutions to Help Scientists concentrate on domain tasks,
not on Computer Science.
Case Studies
Interoperability of Databases

If you would like to submit a proposal to give a presentation or display a poster at this
meeting please send us, by fax or email, a title and brief 3-5 sentence summary of a
proposed topic on your recent work in the area of High Performance Computing . The
deadline for submission is May 11, 2001. All proposals are subject to review by the
Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program.

For more information, please contact Wendy Hori at:
Cambridge Healthtech Institute, 1037 Chestnut Street, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
Tel: 617 630-1382 * Fax: 617 630-1325 * Email: whori at healthtech.com
For sponsorship and exhibit information, please contact Jim MacNeil. Tel: 617-630-1341,
Email: jmacneil at healthtech.com

To register on-line, please visit our web site: www.healthtech.com

Wendy Hori
Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
1037 Chestnut St.
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464
Phone: 617-630-1382
Fax: 617-630-1325
Email: whori at healthtech.com
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