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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue May 1 08:50:59 PDT 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001 JParker at coinstar.com wrote:

> G'Day !
> > >
> > The symptoms are that when I run the pvm shell, it starts correctly on
> the
> > server, as verified by running administrative commands, but when I try
> to
> > add a node, it returns a "terminated" and puts me back at my bash shell
> > prompt.  I can then rsh or ssh over to the node and verify the pvmd is
> > running on the node via the ps command.  When I try to use the pvm shell
> > on that node, it displays a notice that the pvmd is already running and
> > hangs till I kill the process.  Any clues or suggestions ?
> Well problem solved ... writing this so it is in the list archives.
> It turns out the the machine name was listed twice in /etc/hosts, first as
> the loopack and second under it's eth0 address.  Someone smarter than me
> well need to explain this, but rsh and ssh picked the eth0 address, so I
> was able to connect to the remote machine, but the pvmd was using the
> loopback address.

I cannot explain it, but would that be:

*** If you see "Master Host IP Address is Loopback!" or get the
PvmIPLoopback error when adding hosts, this means that the networking
on your Master PVM host (the one you initially started PVM on) is
not set up to support multiple, remote hosts in your virtual machine.
By default, especially on many Linux systems, the host name alias
is appended to the loopback / localhost IP address in the
/etc/hosts file.  This is very useful for running in stand-alone mode
without networking, however this alias must be removed for interaction
with remote hosts in PVM.  See the Linux Networking HOWTO for
information on automatically handling this scenario (via ifup-local
and ifdown-local scripts).

from /usr/share/pvm3/Readme under Troubleshooting?



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