SMP support with the scyld package

Carpenter, Dean Dean.Carpenter at
Thu Mar 29 07:46:43 PST 2001

Hummm.  List is being very quiet these days.  Has anyone had luck/experience
with the stuff I posted earlier ?


Given a raw Scyld install, can anyone show a cookbook sequence to converting
the master node as well as the slave nodes to a custom kernel ?  Not just
the SMP kernel from the rpm - we'll want to play with MOSIX, as well as the
2.2.19 kernel.

1. Install x and y packages to solve problem #2 above so we can actually
build kernels.
2. Pull down virgin kernel sources and untar into /usr/src/linux
3. Integrate the bproc patches .....  (how - what else ?)
4. Integrate MOSIX (and any other cool) patches
5. Build the kernel and modules (any special considerations ?)
6. Build the custom phase 2 boot image
7. Rock and roll :)

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