Scyld Beowulf channel bonding

Johannes Gröhn johannes.grohn at
Tue Mar 27 00:13:17 PST 2001

I am in the same situation.  I would like to do channel bonding with 
scyld, but I get the same error as Massimo.  Is it because bond0 takes 
the ip address from eth0?  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get 
bonding to work with scyld?

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On 11/29/00, 12:12:06 PM, <massimot at> wrote regarding Scyld Beowulf 
channel bonding:

> Hi,

> I'm looking to use ethernet channel bonding on my Scyld Beowulf 2
> cluster.
> I do the following for two 2 node cluster (Master and one slave):
>     1) boot up slave node without bonding;
>     2) after  the node is up :
>            bpcp bonding.o 0:/tmp
>            bpsh 0 /sbin/insmod /tmp/bonding.o
>     3) configure bond0:
>            bpsh 0 /sbin/ifconfig bond0 netmask
> broadcast up
>            but it fails and the slave node demon die.

> Regards,
>     Massimo Torquati
>     HuginSoft.

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