3COM 3C905C(X) and Scyld

Omar Kilani ok at mailcall.com.au
Fri Mar 23 14:10:57 PST 2001


I have set up a cluster of 8 1.2 Ghz Athlons, each one has a 3COM 3C905CX.
The problem is that, with the 3c59x.o module, the cards do not recieve any 
This is described in Beowulf digest, Vol 1 #274.
So I am using the 3COM supplied 3c90x.o module, which recieves data, but 
theres one problem:
When I boot a node, the driver is reported as inserted 'boot: installing 
module '3c90x', I see a 3COM message telling me the card has been found, 
and then the RARP process takes place, in which, the node recieves an IP 
address. After this, the machine hangs with:

SIOCSFFLAGS: No such device

On the screen.
I cannot go past this point.
Please advise.

Best Regards,
Omar Kilani

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