NFS file server performance

Christian Storm chr at
Tue Mar 20 12:32:34 PST 2001


I just took over a Beowulf cluster and I'm having having a great time
reconfiguring everything ... :)
It is partly used on large databases (up to 20 GB). Local storage is
not possible therefore the databases reside on a disk of a dedicated
file server that is mounted on all nodes of the cluster.

Here are the questions:

1. To improve performance two additional networks card were put into the
file server. Then the cluster was splitted in three networks (all sitting
on the same switch). Each subnetwork is mounting the file throw a
different NIC. These *seems* to work. But it is rather static and it is
not very elegant ... .
I experienced with the new 2.4 bridiging feature (by assigning all 3 NICs
to a bridge), but it just seems to add redundancy, not performance. I
assume some kind of channel bonding would be needed - as far as I know
supported by the network-cards (3c980) but not by the driver (3c90x).

Anybody knows a solution ?

2. What would be good number of NFS Daemons to run on the file-server ?
(accessed by 12 nodes through 3 NICs, PIII500 system with SCSI)
Currently I'm running 16 with socket input queue resized to 1MB.

Thanks in advance

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