parallelizing OpenMP apps

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Mapping OpenMP onto an HPF-style programming environment can be as-hard or
harder than going straight to MPI.  Before taking such a drastic step, you
should consider your options in the OpenMP space.  

I haven't personnally used it, but the OMNI compiler project at RWCP lets
you run OpenMP programs on a cluster.  I can't find their URL right now (my
web proxy is acting up), but I think you can learn more about it by
following links off the OpenMP web sige (  KAI also has a
system that supports moving OpenMP onto clusters --- though I don't think
its an official product yet (you'll have to ask them).

Good luck.


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On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 12:05:21PM +0100, Ole W. Saastad wrote:

> Many of my colleges run climate models with OpenMP on fast
> sequential machines and would consider MPI based clusters if
> they could get some help to make the transition.

I would suggest checking out SMS:

It is a system aimed at the weather community. You add HPF-like
directives, and the system does the rest. We have seen O(100) speedup
on O(100) nodes... for a real code used for production air travel
weather prediction in the US.

It only does some kinds of stencils and some kinds of spectral codes,
and it only does F77, but if it does what your code uses...

-- greg

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