BERT 77: Automatic Parallelizer

Ole W. Saastad ole at
Thu Mar 22 03:05:21 PST 2001

I have some questions about the Bert 77 Automatic Parallelizer 
from Paralogic. (

At first sight it looks nice and shiny, but how is the users

Many of my colleges run climate models with OpenMP on fast
sequential machines and would consider MPI based clusters if
they could get some help to make the transition.
This tool might be useful as a start to switch from OpenMP
or sequential code to MPI based code. The task of converting
programs from sequential to parallel is not a trivial one and
I am very interested in how well Paralogic's program perform.

I test would be to crunch the g98 fortran source code through 
and see if it gave any reasonable results. 
Have anyone of you done test with programs this size ? 

The examples shows tremendous speedup by splitting loops over
many nodes, but in real lift things are different.

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