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Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Mar 21 10:48:39 PST 2001

Dear List Friends,

Several persons have been asking for a look at the sources used to
conduct the d*** A***on test that I cannot discuss or publish at this
point;-), and I've started to put together a site of those sources.
I've put some effort into packaging at least the ones that can easily be
packaged -- tests derived from a particular build of LAM-MPI are a bit
harder to wrap up in a simple tarball, for example.  With luck, however,
I'll get "something" together eventually even for them.  In the
meantime, the first three (stream, cpu-rate, Thomas' Guignon's
benchmark) are available with annotations and comments in both tgz and
rpm form at:


I view all of these packages as much as Requests for Comment (RFC) as
general beowulf/systems engineering resources -- feel free to grab them
and apply them to your own systems but also consider letting me know if
the packaging works well, if the tests are broken, if you are deeply
offended that I would tamper with e.g. stream by packaging it or hacking
it, or whatever.  As I get more tests packaged, more links will light up
un the URL above.


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