Scyld and hostnames on the nodes. HOW?

Andreas Boklund andreas at
Sat Mar 17 10:37:47 PST 2001

Howdy Beowulfers & others.

I have a small problem on my Scyld setup. I am using 10'pc's
just to see if it would be interesing to use scyld for our
next cluster or not. We are running a lot of Fluent simulations.
I have no problem spawning jobs onto the nodes (i think).

But i get a "gethostbyname" error. And that is correct when 
i try to do bpsh 0 hostname -f or -s or -i i get a lot of 
errors. I have added the entry that executes 'hostname node0'
in the node_up script but i must be missing something vital.

I hope that the hostname issue is the only problem i will have,
but since i havent gotten any further i dont know. Is anyone 
out there running fluent or similar apps on Scyld? If its not
possible to run them diskless i might as well go back to 
the setup i have on the other cluster and use it again
atleast i know how that stuff works 100%, or i can run mosix.

Sorry for rambeling but i have been tackling this problem for
the last 11 hours and now im heading home for food and a
bath. Ill get back into it tomorrow morning so i hope someone
that has an answer for me works on saturdays :(

Best regards

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