Dual Athlon Results Test Page

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Mar 14 10:38:39 PST 2001

Dear Fellow 'Wulfvolken:

I'm starting to get results from various benchmarks on the dual Athlon.
Since there are a LOT of benchmarks at this point and a lot of detail
describing the system, I've created a website for the benchmark run(s).
I will fill it in as things complete and I have time.  If this system
interests you, please check the website out frequently this week and let
me know if any results are insane as they appear (so I have time to
repair them before I get kicked off -- or have to share:-( this coming

I'm trying to start with ones that I think will be of greatest general
interest, but there is a bit of "easy to run quickly" or "useful to me
personally";-) mixed in there as well.  At the moment I've done stream
(probably the most requested benchmark), cpu-rate (not quite finished in
dual mode), a benchmark contributed by Thomas Guignol, and have done but
not yet recorded my Monte Carlo benchmark.

All system configuration data (that I have) is on the website, and it is
pretty complete.  Anything that I'm missing that you'd like, ask me and
I'll try to add it.

I expect to post a set of links to quite a bit of the source code I used
to run the benchmarks on the site, but this will probably need to wait
until after I finish things up.  I'm trying to package things neatly as
I go (so stream is available in a make/build/install-ready tarball and
matching (src or i386) rpm, ditto cpu-rate, ditto guignol,...).

The dual athlon test site URI is:




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