Scyld boot disk & recompiling the kernel

Daniel Ridge newt at
Wed Mar 14 09:48:46 PST 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, David Vos wrote:

> I just tested booting a slave node from my Scyld boot disk, and after
> about 10 minutes of printing dots on the screen, it prints a message about
> a failed RARP and reboots.  The node's MAC address appeared in the
> Master's beosetup.

Where did it appear in 'beosetup'.

If it appears under 'unknown' you have to drag-n-drop it into the
center column. Then press the apply button.

> Also, how do you recompile the kernel in Scyld.  I have to edit the
> schedular code so that instead of sending an idle signal to the CPU, it
> sends a message to a custom-built PCI card (some electrical engineering
> students' senior project).  I found where to add the code, but I need to
> know how to compile it in without breaking bproc and stuff.

The kernel source that is in /usr/src/linux is bproc-patched.

It's mostly a compile-and-go exercise. You can make the nodes use this
new kernel by editing /etc/beowulf/config and running beoboot -2 -n
to regenerate the phase-2 boot image.

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