Scyld and resolv library

Jag agrajag at
Thu Mar 8 05:27:13 PST 2001

On Thu, 08 Mar 2001, Carlos J. García Orellana wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to start DNS resolver in nodes.
> I've created a hosts, host.conf and resolv.conf files in nodes, but, DNS
> doesn't work.
> Not even, names in hosts file can be resolutes.

It's debatable wether letting nodes do this resolving is the 'right
thing', however I will assume that you have an application that's messed
up enough that it needs it.

By default, Scyld slave nodes have their nsswitch.conf setup so that
they only do host lookups through beonss (referenced as 'bproc' in the
nsswitch.conf).  This will resolve 'master' to the internal ip of the
master node, 'self' to get your own IP, '.-1' to get the master node
again, '.0' to get node zero, '.1' to get node one, and so on.  It also
reverses these so that the ip of a node (or the master node's internal
IP address) will resolve to '.<node number>' like above.   If you're
just wanting smiliar functionality to this, then you don't have to worry
about setting up dns and the hosts file.

If you're wanting more than this, you're talking about things that
theorectically shouldn't be on a beowulf cluster (like ipmasq on the
head node to get out).  However, for the /etc/hosts and dns resolution,
I'll tell you that the file you need to also look at is

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