redhat 7.0 upgrade woes

Jeffrey Oishi joishi at
Tue Mar 6 08:28:34 PST 2001


I'm trying to upgrade a 130 node cluster of machines with no video cards
from RH6.1 to RH7.0. I have created an nfs-method kickstart system that
works--if a video card is in the machine. If not, and I add
console=ttyS0,9600n8 to the SYSLINUX.CFG, then the installer runs ok and
starts spitting stuff out the serial port. However, the installer then
crashes right before it starts upgrading the packages. It happily works up
until the standard redhat screen showing each of the packages zipping by
comes up. There it hangs. This has happened on a number of boxes.

Does anyone have any idea if the install program will even work with the
console on a serial port?

If this doesn't work soon, I'm just going to reclone all the drives...


jeff oishi
Rose Center for Earth and Space
American Museum of Natural History
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