Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl at
Tue Mar 6 01:44:26 PST 2001

I don't recall it being mentioned here, and even if,
it can use some repetition:

Very interesting work:

SiS SiS630

			      This is now my
                              machine, with
                              full X11
                              support, and
                              our standard
                              cluster node.
                              We boot
                              directly into
                              Scyld from
                              FLASH. Now
                              booting Linux
                              to multiuser
                              from power on!
                              Now using
                              /dev/fb. See
                              also the note
                              on Millenium
                              2001 -- we're
                              no longer
                              constrained to
ICBMTO  : N48 10'07'' E011 33'53'' 
57F9CFD3: ED90 0433 EB74 E4A9 537F CFF5 86E7 629B 57F9 CFD3

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