Starting PVM on Scyld

Carlos J. García Orellana carlos at
Mon Mar 5 11:30:57 PST 2001


I think that I have got to run PVM under Scyld.
The steps that I have followed are:

1.- I've done a small perl script to use as 'rsh' replacement. (See below,
2.- I've set the variable PVM_RSH to run that script.
3.- In the hostfile, I've created entries with form:
      node0 ip=.0
      node1 ip=.1

4.- Next, in /etc/beowulf/fstab I've added these lines:
         $(MASTER):/bin  /bin nfs 0  0
         $(MASTER):/usr  /usr nfs 0  0

    With this, we can run shell scripts on nodes and we have all PVM
directory tree.

5.- We must not copy the libraries in /usr to nodes, so I've changed the
next line in
    setup_libs (/usr/lib/beoboot/setup_libs)

    if ! vmadlib -l | sed -e 's!^/!!' | tar cf - -T - | \


    if ! vmadlib -l | grep -v /usr/ | sed -e 's!^/!!' | tar cf - -T - | \

    With this we can do the ramdisk around 15 Mbytes smaller.

And that's all.

Please, if anybody has a better solution, tell me.

Other thing, thanks to Keith McDonald and Andreas Boklund for their

Carlos J. García Orellana
Universidad de Extremadura
Badajoz - SPAIN

------------------------ pvmrsh --------------------------------



foreach $i (@ARGV)
 $r=$r . " " . $i;

#print $r . "\n";
$r="/usr/bin/bpsh " . $r;

-------------------------End pvmrsh ----------------------------------

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