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It looks like your submit file specifies some Requirements or they are added
by default, which your machines don't fulfil.

Do a condor_q 45.0 -l and look for the actual requirements your job has.

It might be some memory or diskspace requirements.

If you can't find the problem, please send me the submit file and the output
of condor_q -l and condor_status -l for your pool and I should be able to
help you.

Bye, Thommy

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I'm trying to get Condor 6.3 to work on a 20 node beowulf cluster. When I
submit jobs to the queue, the queue stays idle. condor_status lists all my
available nodes and condor_q lists the waiting jobs. When I run condor_q
-analyze I get these messages:

045.000:  Run analysis summary.  Of 40 resource offers,
           38 do not satisfy the request's constraints
            2 resource offer constraints are not satisfied by this request
            0 are serving equal or higher priority customers
            0 do not prefer this job
            0 cannot preempt because PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS are false
            0 are available to service your request

0 jobs; 0 idle, 0 running, 0 held

This the include test program in the examples/ directory of Condor. Where
can I find the problem related to the constraints? I have already done the
full_install option and replaced ld with the condor_compile replacement.
What else can I look at? Or better yet, is there a site for help relating
to Condor? The documentation is lacking on the help side. Thanks in

Jeremy Mann
jeremy at

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