Dual Athlon Results Back

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Wed Jun 6 09:01:08 PDT 2001

Dear List Persons:

As AMD has released their MP chipset and vendors are already starting to
pop up with dual boxes, I've made the dual athlon benchmark page
accessible again.  It is in exactly the same state it was when I quit,
with some tests not really completed.  Find it at:


Note that these benchmarks were all conducted with a beta MP chipset and
1.2 GHz Tbirds, so YMMV if they improved (or broke) anything over the
last few months.  I will probably redo the tests on a "new" dual athlon
as soon as I get access AND have time, probably days to weeks (as I
don't have a dual or -- any more -- a budget to buy one, and I'm pretty
involved with my single CPU Tbird cluster).  In the meantime, enjoy.

If you get to this page "too quickly" you'll probably miss some stuff
that I'm going to add from the old temporary site -- I made a
"benchmarks" page of sources or URL's to many of the benchmarks run and
represented.  So check back in a day or two to see the full set of stuff
I've got.


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