multi cpu nodes

Joey Raheb jraheb at
Tue Jan 30 17:28:15 PST 2001

hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to inform PBS to use both CPUs in a dual
node before submitting to a single processor node.  I have two dual CPU
nodes and two single CPU nodes.  If I submit 3 jobs requesting 2 nodes each
I would like PBS to send each job to the two processors on a single node
(ie - fill up the one node before distributing to another as per a fifo
style).  The reason for this is that when you have a two different jobs on a
single node running on different cpus and one job finishes before the other,
the message passing system (PVM in our case) is killing the job, not yet
complete, on the second proccessor.  If anyone can be of any assistance I
would appreciate the help.

Joey Raheb
jraheb at

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