Greg Lindahl glindahl at
Thu Jan 25 10:12:57 PST 2001

> We keep the list private: if all of the list members made their millions
> using the make-money-fast schemes that they would quickly hear about,
> who would be building the computing platforms of the future?  They would
> instead be enjoying their Herbal-X wonder drugs, satellite descramblers,
> and free porn.

Don, Don, Don, I'm afraid that you think too highly of your list
members. We actually spend our days swapping albumns on Napster, our
nights playing Netrek over our DSL connections at home, and only our
weekends enjoying Herbal-X.

But what I really want to know is: Can I put a 256MB SODIMM into my
Vaio? I really need more ran than just 256 total, if I'm going to do
serious development. (Which I do before breakfast, before I get onto

-- g

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