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Thu Jan 25 09:51:16 PST 2001

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Kathy Haigh Hutchinson wrote:
> > Some of us joined the list by subscribing via Majordomo. The information
> > we received then for quitting no longer works.
> If you are receiving list traffic, chances are good that you are in
> mailman -- if you go to the bottom of the
> page, you will see an entry box with an "Edit Options" button next to

Thanks for the summary and suggestions Robert.

This is a good time to mention another administrivia: this list
auto-moderated.  Postings are only accepted from subscribed addresses.
Other postings must be explicitly approved.

If your posting is delayed, check that you are posting it from the
subscribed email address.

I usually handle most of the Scyld mailing lists.  From August through
Dec. 5 I wasn't the list administrator on the Beowulf mailing list, and
thus didn't know that the moderation wasn't being done.  When I
discovered this, there were many MB of postings waiting to be
approved.  I've filtered this down to about 680KB of valid-but-old
postings.  Almost all were submitted from non-member addresses (e.g. a
member posted from home) or had implicit destinations.  At some point
I'll find the time to bounce these messages back so that people may
resubmit them.

> There are a few other options that let you control mime/plaintext,
> whether you receive your own posts (or at least acknowledgement of those
> posts) and you can even conceal your existence from other subscribers,
> although this option isn't needed on this list as everybody is
> automatically so concealed.

We keep the list private: if all of the list members made their millions
using the make-money-fast schemes that they would quickly hear about,
who would be building the computing platforms of the future?  They would
instead be enjoying their Herbal-X wonder drugs, satellite descramblers,
and free porn.

> Mailman can easily be configured (in fact tends to come
> autoconfigured -- one has to turn the feature off:-) to send a

I considered this a slightly annoying, and thus we explicitly turned off
the monthly reminder on all of the mailing lists.  The Beowulf list
is active enough that turning it on likely wouldn't cause a problem.
If anyone objects, please send me (not the list) email before the end of
the month.

> Perhaps it might help if the list footer were less terse, as well.
> Changing to to:
> and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page!


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