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If Microsoft indeed wants to enter the Clustering business, so be it, I'll take the exposure they bring to the industry and clean house in the conference room.  Lets face it, they do have a very recognizable name in the computer industry and rest assured Linux will be referenced in 95% of all articles that are written.  There is a good portion of the clustering community that has earned the distinct title of Ph.D. These people are not dummies............Uh, lets see, should I pay a bazillion dollars for their software or should I take this over here for free?  A No Brainer............. So the game changes, lets see how their hot shot sales people compete.  I have a feeling we (Beowulf) are going to do very well.............. 

Nice quote accredited to:   Gerry Creager - Texas A&M University

"I'll likely stay with Linux for a while... and go toward FreeBSD when I find the requirement to change.  I'm not likely to go back to Redmond anytime soon."

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