Problem with bproc and pthread, PVM and Scyld

Carlos J. García Orellana carlos at
Wed Feb 14 02:47:16 PST 2001


I have sent two messages to beowulf at, but I'm not sure if they
have arrived correctly.
Are there any problem with the e-mail list.

First one is about a problem with thread zombies in master node:

        We are building an application that uses pthread library, and we
have the
        next problem:

        We create a new thread (with detachmode set) in the slave nodes, and
        the thread finishs, it disappears from slave nodes (that's right, it
        created with detachmode set), however its ghost in master node
        disappear and goes to zombi state.

        Why happend this?

And second one is about PVM and Scyld Beowulf.

        Which is the better way to run PVM in Scyld Beowulf?



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