mpqc mp2 problems

zolia zolia at
Wed Sep 6 04:09:43 PDT 2000


egcs 1.1.2

i'm getting errors while trying to run mpqc mp2 calculations:

ClassDesc::load_class looking for "./classes"
ClassDesc::load_class("MTMPIMemoryGrp"): load failed
Either "MTMPIMemoryGrp" is an invalid class name or the code
for "MTMPIMemoryGrp" was not linked into the executable.

is seams mpqc doesn't included MTMPIMemoryGrp in exec. How to force it to
do that ? Is this problem with mpi/pro? 

Antanas Masevicius             Kaunas University of Technology
Studentu 48a-101               Computer Center
LT-3028 Kaunas                 LITNET NOC UNIX Systems Administrator
Lithuania                      E-mail: zolia at

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