problem compiling PETSc too??

Horatio B. Bogbindero wyy at
Wed Sep 6 00:19:49 PDT 2000

while compiling PETSc with the BOPT=g it works fine. but, i need it to
work for complex numbers therefore i compiled it with BOPT=g_complex and
BOPT=O_complex both did not work. this is the tail of the screen output
during the compile.


ranlib /home/apps/libs/petsc-2.0.28/lib/libg_complex/linux/libpetsc.a
Completed compiling Fortran source
making shared libraries in
c++: {OPTFLAG}: No such file or directory
c++: {OPTFLAG}: No such file or directory


i checked the makefile and could not find this OPTFLAG it was talking
about. help.
william.s.yu at
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