UP2000 vs DS10 for beowulf?

Ari Lukkarinen alukkari at lce.hut.fi
Tue Oct 31 07:27:56 PST 2000

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> > I am looking at two different configurations of 600Mhz, 2M cache alpha
> > 21264w
> >    6*2 processor  UP2000, 512M RAM
> > or
> >  12*1 processor DS10L 256M RAM

	In our case we chose DS10 machines because of their better memory
	performance compared to UP2000. 

> You might also prefer the DS10 over the DS10L, since it costs money to get
> that 1U package.

	This is true. In our case Compaq seemed to be much more 
	interested in selling DS10 models instead of their slim versions.
	I suppose they can get more money by selling slim models to commercial sector
	and standard models (DS10) to universities.
	Another thing to keep in mind is the heat.
	I don't know what is the situation today, but I have
	heard that Compaq used to have somekind of heat problems with
	fully loaded DS10L racks. 
	in addition, I do not know if Compaq even has 
	DS10L version of their fastest DS10 models.
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