night-time auto-reboot?

Thomas Lovie tlovie at
Fri Oct 27 07:49:06 PDT 2000

The linux side is easy, you just put an entry in root's crontab like this:
0 6 * * 1-5 /sbin/lilo -R dos; /sbin/shutdown -r

This will reboot the machine into the 'dos' operating system at 6:00 am each
Monday to Friday morning.

In windows 2000, you can use the SHUTDOWN.EXE command from the windows 2000
resource kit called from the Scheduled Task manager.  The command should be
called as follows:
	shutdown  /l  /r /y /t:5 /c
	/l = local
	/r = reboot?
	/y = yes
	/t = time
	/c = close(?)

With lilo set up to boot Linux by default, the machine will boot into Linux
when called from windows 2000, and the cron script will make sure that the
machine boots into windows when rebooted via cron.

Tom Lovie.

> > Our department is picking up a few decent PC's for staff.  I'm
> > wondering about the current feasibility of auto-booting in and out of
> Windows 2000 and Linux on a set schedule (say, out of Windows to Linux
> > at 8pm, into Windows at 6am, or something like that).  We've got a
> > small cluster, and this would be just to augment that.
> >
> It's great idea if we got the automatic multi-booting when expect time
> Because now the PC rooms is occupied by MS. maybe in the fisrt step we
> coexistence in the ordinary PC.
> I try to find out the the above funtion from lilo & Grub. but failed until
> Will any Beowulfin has  idea or script to automatic booting when some time
comes > ?

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