night-time auto-reboot?

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at
Thu Oct 26 19:07:59 PDT 2000

> Our department is picking up a few decent PC's for staff.  I'm
> wondering about the current feasibility of auto-booting in and out of
> Windows 2000 and Linux on a set schedule (say, out of Windows to Linux
> at 8pm, into Windows at 6am, or something like that).  We've got a
> small cluster, and this would be just to augment that.

It's great idea if we got the automatic multi-booting when expect time comes. 

Because now the PC rooms is occupied by MS. maybe in the fisrt step we need coexistence in the ordinary PC. 

I try to find out the the above funtion from lilo & Grub. but failed until now.

Will any Beowulfin has  idea or script to automatic booting when some time comes ?

I need your help !

from Yoon Jae Ho
Seoul, Korea

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