Fluent & Beowulf2

Daniel Persson myrridin at wlug.westbo.se
Wed Oct 18 09:13:45 PDT 2000

hi again all,

I have one simple stupid question:

How do i run Fluent on a Beowulf2(Scyld) cluster ?

i dont use rsh, i use bpsh.

I have tried the different solutions that are described in the Fluent
manual, i even made a symlink from beompi.so to fluent_vmpi. (Fluent
vendor shipped mpi).

Do i NEED to be able to run rsh to the nodes to run Fluent on a B2
cluster ?
or can the beompi spawn processes to the nodes by it self ?

Disclamer: I laid my eyes on Fluent for the first time this afternoon...

Once again, sorry if i have missed something very obvius, if there is any
docs regarding this other than the fluent manual, please point me there.


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