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Vincent Diepeveen diep at xs4all.nl
Sat Oct 6 15:24:09 PDT 2007

Any chance of us in Europe seeing something of this online in a live webcam 

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> Ninth Annual Beowulf Bash
> We are putting together our annual Beowulf Bash.  It will take place at
> its traditional place and time: during the week of the IEEE Supercomputing
> Conference.  This year SC07 is in Reno NV during the week of Nov 10-15
> We are trying to keep a casual event with broad sponsorship.
> The attraction is the other attendees, rather than high-end food or
> entertainment.  Read that as "beer, snacks, and people you always wanted
> to talk to."
> We are tenatively planning the party for Tuesday or Wednesday evening
> 6-8pm in the downtown Reno area.  Probably Third Street Blues (formerly
> The Blue Note) or a similar low-key bar.  (BTW, if any reader knows of
> other vendor events that we should avoid, please let me know.)
> If your company (or even you as an individual) would like to help
> sponsor the event, please contact me, becker at beowulf.org
> Sponsors
>  - get their name up in lights (Errrmm, or maybe just vinyl signs...
>    you bring a sign, there will be some ambient light.)
>  - are part of the brief greeting in the middle of the party.
>  - have the opportunity for technical, hands-on demos at the bash
>  - have their logos on the beowulf.org site through the end of SC07,
>    and on the 2007 yearbook page after the event.
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