[Beowulf-announce] 9th Annual Beowulf Bash: Announcement and sponsorship opportunity

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Fri Oct 5 11:42:19 PDT 2007

Ninth Annual Beowulf Bash

We are putting together our annual Beowulf Bash.  It will take place at
its traditional place and time: during the week of the IEEE Supercomputing
Conference.  This year SC07 is in Reno NV during the week of Nov 10-15

We are trying to keep a casual event with broad sponsorship.
The attraction is the other attendees, rather than high-end food or
entertainment.  Read that as "beer, snacks, and people you always wanted
to talk to."

We are tenatively planning the party for Tuesday or Wednesday evening
6-8pm in the downtown Reno area.  Probably Third Street Blues (formerly
The Blue Note) or a similar low-key bar.  (BTW, if any reader knows of
other vendor events that we should avoid, please let me know.)

If your company (or even you as an individual) would like to help
sponsor the event, please contact me, becker at beowulf.org

  - get their name up in lights (Errrmm, or maybe just vinyl signs...
    you bring a sign, there will be some ambient light.)
  - are part of the brief greeting in the middle of the party.
  - have the opportunity for technical, hands-on demos at the bash
  - have their logos on the beowulf.org site through the end of SC07,
    and on the 2007 yearbook page after the event.

Donald Becker				becker at scyld.com
Penguin Computing / Scyld Software
www.penguincomputing.com		www.scyld.com
Annapolis MD and San Francisco CA

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