[Beowulf-announce] North Fork Networks SANi.q. 1.00b7

Mark Hayden mark at northforknet.com
Mon Oct 15 22:30:26 PDT 2001

I would like to briefly announce the availability of a new release
(1.00beta7) of the North Fork Networks SANi.q. storage management
product for Linux.  We are currently looking for additional users to
test our software.  Additional information, including a user manual
and freely downloadable binary distribution, can be found on our web
site (www.northforknet.com).

Regards, Mark Hayden

SANi.q. is the first fully distributed volume management software.
It allows the construction of high-performance, highly available
storage area networks with commodity hardware.  Features include:

* Storage pooling across any number of storage servers.

* Configurable cross-box volume striping and replication.

* Copy-on-write volume snapshots.

* On-the-fly data migration and hot-swapping of servers.

* Incremental volume resynchronization (only changes are
  resynchronized after a server restart)

* Support for shared volume access (eg., Sistina's GFS).

* Fully replicated management configuration.

* A java-based GUI.

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