[Beowulf-announce] SCE 1.2 Release Announcement

Sugree Phatanapherom b40sup at prg.cpe.ku.ac.th
Mon Oct 1 22:50:06 PDT 2001

Parallel Research GroupDepartment of Computer EngineeringFaculty of
Engineering, Kasetsart UniversityBangkok, Thailand.

Proud to Announce the Released of
SCE V1.2 (Scalable Computing Environment)
A truly integrated cluster software environment

What is SCE?
   One of the problems with the wide adoption of clusters for mainstream
high performance    computing is the difficulty in building and managing the
system. There are many efforts in solving this problem by building fully
automated, integrated stack of software distribution from several well-known
open source software. The problem is that these sets of software come from
many sources and never been designed to work together as a truly integrated
system. With the experiences and tools developed to build many clusters in
our site, we decided to build an integrate software tool that is easy to use
for cluster user community. These software tools, called SCE (Scalable
Computing Environment), consist of cluster builder tool, complex system
management tool (SCMS), scalable real-time monitoring, web base monitoring
software (KCAP), parallel Unix command and batch scheduler. This software
run on top of our cluster middleware that provides cluster wide process
control and many services. MPICH are also included. All tools in SCE are
designed to be truly integrated since all of them except MPI and PVM are
built by our group. SCE also provides more than 30 APIs to access system
resources information, control remote process execution, ensemble management
and more. These APIs and the interaction among software components allow
user to extends and enhance SCE in many ways. SCE is also designed to be
very easy to use. Complete GUI and Web automate most of the installation and

What is new in SCE1.2 ?
   * Many bug fixes. More stable.
   * Partially support for Globus- Job manager interface for Globus are
added so KSIX can be used to start MPICH-G2 tasks across grid.
   * new component. SQMS portal Version 1.0 - System administrator can setup
a small web portal for cluster users.
   * New enhanced KSIX - faster and more reliable
   * Major bug fix for KSTAT module. Now working.
   * KCAP is now fully integrated in the installation processes. Integrate
3D navigation is now work right out of the box. (Required VRML plug-in on
web browser)
   * Smarter installation wizard, rpm dependency checks.
   * Many bug fixed for SQMS. Better manage output. Fixed to support Globus
(still not very complete).

SCE Features
   * Fully automated installation up to the point that users can run MPI
program on the system.
   * Single configuration point for all software, not just a collection of a
bunch of software
   * No kernel modification, compatible to all Beowulf application software
   * The distribution includes Powerful SCMS management tools for monitoring
and managing the cluster
   * KCAP web and VRML interface for cluster monitoring through Internet
   * SQMS simple batch scheduling that work right out of the box.
   * Beowulf Builder easy and powerful tools that help you build a diskless
   * KSIX Cluster middleware that provides a global process space at user
   * MPICH fully configured
   * Support the popular RedHat 7.1 Distribution

How to Download
You may download directly from our website:
http://prg.cpe.ku.ac.th/research/sce/ or http://sourceforge.net/project/sce
or http://sce.sourceforge.net/.

Sugree Phatanapherom
g4465027 at ku.ac.th

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